Benefits of the milk products in the child’s heath

Benefits of the milk products in the

adult’s health

• The growth and development of the individual takes place during the childhood, and the dairy products provide essential nutrients all along this period.

• The calcium is responsible of several of the beneficial properties  of the milk products. Amongst them:

Bone density. A great source of calcium is necessary during the first three decades of life to achieve an appropriate bone mass. This is due to the fact that the calcium contributes to the normal growth and development of the children’s bones.

There are studies which describe a reversed relation between the consumption of calcium and the proportion of body fat in children. The higher the calcium consumption, the lower the obesity risk in the adolescence and in the adulthood.

The intake of dairy products between child’s population is associated with lower statistics of cholesterol.

The nutrients in the milk products contribute to the growth and development of the children.

• There are studies which say the nutrients in the milk and other dairy products, like the calcium and vitamin D, are related to a lower probability of suffering hypertension.

• The linoleic acid present in the milk helps to maintain normal the levels of cholesterol in blood.

• The milk products have a satiating effect and can aid to control the ingest of food and the weight. Consumers with a low consumption of calcium are more likely to undergo obesity.

• Along the pregnancy, the calcium necessities are increased since the fetus’ skeleton needs to mineralize. The milk and other milk products are the best source of calcium as they carry the vitamin D, which helps with the absorption and utilization of the calcium.

• The milk is considered useful in the feeding of the athletes:

Because the proteins in the milk help to increase and maintain the   muscle mass.

Because it favours the rehydration, specially after performing  a   resistance exercise.

Because the milk provides vitamin B12, one of the main factors in the normal formation of red blood cells.

• An appropriate consumption of dairy products can help with the prevention of osteoporosis. Mainly, the products enriched with vitamin D are highly recommended in this stage of life.

• The intake of milk products can reduce the blood pressure levels owing to the consumption of calcium.

• The linoleic acid helps to maintain normal the levels of cholesterol in blood.

• The milk proteins can contribute to the regulation of body weight.

• The amount of muscle mass depends, largely, on the consumption of proteins in the diet. The proteins in the milk help to raise the muscle mass.

Benefits of milk products in the

adult’s health

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