FUTUREMEAL has developed a new process for making long-life, dairy products which can be conserved at room temperature.

The MEMILK products are the first result of this technology.


covered by an EU patent, property of FUTUREMEAL  Ltd.



-A healthy product which maintains the milk’s benefits intact (calcium, proteins, vitamins…) is obtained. This process allows the enrichment of the milk with other functional ingredients.

-The production process of MEMILK is more efficient than the ones used in other long-life products due to the saving of energy and of time in the process, necessary to elaborate the product. Therefore, this is a process more sustainable and respectful with the Environment.

MEMILK is developed based on acidified milk. The acidification is a process which overcomes the fermentation while elaborating nutritional and tasty milk products with the best texture and creaminess. These products have more fresh and natural flavourings by using a process with a smoother heat treatment.

They are long-life products -between 12 and 24 months- and with conservation at room temperature. Without preservatives.

The final product obtained with this process carries several advantages from an organoleptic point of view (creaminess, silkiness, freshness…) regarding other long-life dairy products, because of the low temperature in the treatment of the milk used in the process. 

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