FUTUREMEAL is an Spanish enterprise whose objective is to provide dairy, high-quality products that can be consumed by people of any age, anywhere in the world, at anytime and in a comfortable, fun and tasty way.

The MEMILK products, elaborated by FUTUREMEAL, contribute with nutritional benefits for the health, especially orientated towards people experiencing some deficiencies. Our brand MEMILK also offers products made for a special public, such as for children and teenagers while growing.

All of the products of FUTUREMEAL have been created according to the following premises: 


To always use ingredients of the highest quality, homologated and certified by the health authorities of Spain and of the European Union.


To always look for the  perfect balance of nutrition and for the best health of the citizens in any part of the world.


To provide pleasant flavours and textures that facilitate the intake of milk, even between the people reluctant to its consumption, like the children.


To always create products which can be kept at room temperature, without needing a refrigerator for its conservation, and long-life products. Thus, they can be consumed even in places with lacks in the cold chain, not only in transport but also in stores or warehouses.


To reach reasonable prices which allow the products to be consumed by as much people as possible, anywhere in the world.


To achieve savings in the materials and the energetic support necessary to elaborate the products, in a way that we could contribute to the sustainability of the environment, both in Spain and in the countries of destination of the products. All of the packaging materials are easily recyclable. .

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Aviso-Legal | Política de privacidad 

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Diseño y desarrollo: Divina Tierra